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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Modern technology has made life easier for everyone. One aspect that has really changed our daily routines is the advancement of artificial intelligence. By incorporating advanced software into existing hardware, machines are now able to do most of the things that humans can. One such example is the invention of the robotic vacuum.


The robotic vacuum is a cleaner that is programmed to clean an area with a certain level of autonomy. Electrolux was the first company to develop such a machine in 1996. It worked well at first but was riddled with problems such as colliding with other objects. A lot has changed since then and technology has gotten better.

Machine learning is a continuous process and artificial intelligence will inevitably get better. That said, there are commercial robovac machines on sale today that are more efficient. Just like all other gadgets, however, they have their positive and negative aspects. For instance, they are less noisy than conventional cleaners and can be left to do their functions without any supervision.

Artificial Intelligence Is The Future

As technology advances, more workloads are going to be done efficiently. That said, the downside is that despite being efficient, a robot vacuum cleaner can be more pricey compared to standard ones. Moreover, they may take longer to get the work done and need to be relocated often. They also only work on flat surfaces which may be a deterrent to many wishing to buy one.